Wednesday, March 17, 2010


8 x 10
oil on stretched canvas

Had fun painting all the layers of this purple onion, and do the green sprouts on the garlic mean that it's been "around too long"? Even so, I was happy to have that touch of green.

On another subject: Met a very talented artist, Carol Carmichael, at my last workshop and thought you would like to check out her new blog. Join me in welcoming her to the blogging community.


  1. This is lovely Ann. I particularly like the color in the onion. And my understanding is that the green on the garlic makes it too old to cook with, but certainly not to paint!
    And on this St. Patrick's day...I like the green!

  2. These are beauties. You really nailed that 'papery' exterior they have.
    Glad Dana's answered the question - I know zilch about cooking!
    Thanks for the link to Carol Carmichael's site.

  3. Love the gold undertone you have in the purple onion. Very nice! Is the background color Qiang's dark? Thalo and ??
    Thanks for mentioning my blog!

  4. I learned something new today! I honestly didn't know that garlic could grow those green sprouts. So garlic (the cloves itself) is a root! (I should have known but hadn't ever seen it before, other than in the stores and they don't have those shoots.) Sigh...Lovely piece, Ann, especially the table and cloth. I am off to check out Carol's blog!

  5. Hello Ann,
    A very flavorful still life, indeed. Love the contrast of the darks and lights; very well done. I especially like the layering of colors in the garlic - I know nothing about garlic, but it seems to me you should have put that garlic in the yellow bag! I will check out Carol's blog, too, thanks!

  6. that is a great title! They look good enough to pick right up. Beautiful work, Ann!

  7. Nice composition. I like the red on both sides of the garlic, otherwise, it may have been lost.

  8. You nailed the onion colors very well! yeah, those sprouts are useful only for painting, just the right little kick for the red onion. Will visit Carol now... good of you to share her site.