Friday, March 19, 2010

"Grapes Galore"

8 x 10
oil on stretched canvas

Started this with the canvas primed with red, something I've done in the past, and like hints of the red background "peeking" through. Have you seen the price of grapes lately, wow!


  1. There are so many things I like here, the shadow cascading over half the still life is very well done, your red peeking through is outstanding. A very beautiful painting, Ann!

  2. Gorgeous painting, Ann. Love that whimsical plate in the background and the red "peeking" through is perfect. Working at Walmart for those few months left me astounded at the price of grapes. They have actually gone down quite a bit here in the past month or two. Must be coming into season or something.

  3. A very good painting full of colors and light.

  4. Ann,
    I think the red picking through really works. Your colors are fabulous.

  5. That red peaking through really does work here. It is a beautiful well executed piece, Ann. Great job

  6. Very nice, I like the underpainting also, it lends some added depth. Great job

  7. ann,
    the still life is beautiful...
    the highlights and shades combination is executed nicely...
    the color scheme also is great...