Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Fruit Basket Turnover"

11 x 14
oil on stretched canvas

Isn't "fruit basket turnover" a childhood game, it rings a bell with me from the past! Wanted to try one more still life after my workshop, but will now start thinking "plein air" since a local group has asked me to join them this weekend for one of the first outings this year. It will also be a first for me, so will have to downsize my gear from "u-haul" size to something I can carry!


  1. Wow, beautiful compostion. Great job painting the apples.

  2. Never heard of the game but I sure love the painting, Ann! I am reminded of Sleeping Beauty and the evil queen's poisoned apples. Your comment on paring down your plein aire supply kit made me laugh. I always pack too much stuff too!

  3. Excellent contrast of textures, beautiful painting!

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. It's been so long since I've painted outside, I'm afraid I won't remember how!

  4. Good luck with your plein air excursion Ann, don't forget to have fun, and may the force be with you!

  5. Just beautiful! Have fun painting plein air!

  6. Stunning color in these apples Ann!
    Have fun with your plein air!!