Saturday, August 6, 2011

"'Holy Cow"

oil on moleskin

This is painted in Kay Wyne's moleskin book, with the theme of Holy Cow. What a wonderful collection of cows she will have at the end of this project. If you haven't checked out our Texas Moleskin Round-Up in awhile, be sure to see some of the most recent entries.


  1. Boy, Ann! You sure continue to amaze me with your beautiful paintings. I love how it seems this gentle beauty is enjoying the views as she relaxes. What a moleskin this must be!

  2. Really nice Ann! I will check out the moleskin paintings. I love the violets in the hills. Mighty fine cow too little missy.
    Have fun n all your upcoming travels. Sounds great! Know you won't miss the heat.

  3. I love this cow and his surroundings Ann, this is beautiful!

  4. Superb! I love this to bits - what a wonderful book this will be!