Friday, November 25, 2011

"Low Water Crossing in Palo Duro Canyon"

9 x 12
oil on hardboard

There were several low water crossings on the road in Palo Duro Canyon and this one caught my eye during the paintout with the Outdoor Painters Society last weekend. I set up just off the road where I was soon joined by two other plein air artists, several hikers, dirt bikers, other tourists, a white bearded gentleman from Florida who was in the area to play Santa at a nearby mall, and eventually a flock of wild turkeys. Never know who or what you will run into on a plein air outing!


  1. That sounds like grand central station! Beautiful painting despite the destractions.

  2. Wow Ann, the color in this is spectacular! Plein air agrees with you!!

  3. Ok I think I could do the Zorn pallette with the addition of ultramarine blue. I have been playing with it, but after all the mixing, I was having a hard time without some bright blue. Very nice Ann. I didnt realize you were from around Dallas. I have family in Waco so I pass through there quiet often. I live in SE OK. If you cant paint in that nice studio all the time nothing better than the good old outdoors!

  4. You've brought so much life to this piece, Ann! You are showing me pieces of TX that I didn't know existed! I remember lots of desert when I lived down there, trees and scrub as well. But you are showing me some lush beauty! Another gorgeous piece and I just can't picture all that wide assortment of visitors to such a naturally beautiful spot!

  5. These paintings of Palo Duro canyon are knockouts! I love the colors, of course. You are really getting into the plain air mode and having great experiences in addition.
    I haven't been visiting blogs lately, so I have a lot of catching up to do. It looks like your time away from the easel really fired up your colors.