Friday, July 22, 2011

"Hydrangeas and Holland Tiles"

20 x 24
oil on stretched canvas - available at Dutch Art Gallery


Actually planned to photograph a sequence of this painting but only managed to get the original set up and block in (both included). Somehow I got so involved in the process, I forgot to stop and take  more photos...but you get the idea. Love these hand painted tiles from Holland, they were a "find" at one of my estate sale jaunts, but haven't installed them yet...someday they will find a permanent home!


  1. Ann, yours is a style I recognize so immediately and it is beautiful. I too love those tiles. How many do you have? Once I tiled an area right above my stove (in a place I wish we still lived) because they had this weird rectangle of formica above it. I did from hood to edge of stove and the whole width of the stove. I go so many compliments on it, I was stunned (I'd never tiled before). Any way, this whole painting is just exquisitely lovely and I often forget who I clicked on but I always know your blog by its art. Gorgeous!

  2. Your work is so lush and beautiful. I dare say your Hydrangeas look better than the actual set up. Just gorgeous!

  3. Une très magnifique interprétation avec ce vase et ces hortensias... Des couleurs saisissantes, éclatantes et cependant délicates. La finesse de votre travail est grandiose. Les céramiques hollandaises brillent et apportent un note supplémentaire de bon goût.
    Gros bisous

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the set-up photos, it was great to see the reference. Your painting is fabulous, love the Ginger jar and hydrangeas and the tiles just give it some history.

  5. This is beautiful, Ann!! It has such lovely light and delicacy . . . poetic!