Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Hide and Seek"

9 x 12
oil on masonite

After a trip to the Texas Hill Country a few weeks ago, and not seeing many Spring bluebonnets because of the draught, we later drove to Ennis, about 30 miles southeast of Dallas and drove around their Bluebonnet Trails. The fields were spectacular with "oceans of blue" and could have only been prettier with a sunnier day. Hopefully some of those fields of bluebonnets will turn into paintings. But first I couldn't resist this longhorn who tried to hide every time we got a little closer, as if to say, "Can you see me now!"


  1. He's wonderful! LOL. Love your commentary. Great composition the way his horns jut out between the trees, and you've captured his shy nature.
    (I don't think your posts were updating in my dashboard, so I've missed a few ...)

  2. Hi
    I love your painting. Beautiful composition, very nice work.

  3. This is great, but I look forward to your bluebonnets. I've never been to Texas, and have only seen them in pictures, they're so beautiful!