Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 in 30, #30, "The End"

9 x 12
oil on canvas, $95

It's been a lot of days of painting, but have finally reached the last of the "30 Paintings in 30 Days". The ranch theme for this series has been inspired by the Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman, a great cooking show, but equally as inspiring in it's videography of the family's ranch. These particular horses are from a painting trip to Ennis, Texas, just south of Dallas. Their position, just like bookends, seemed to be a perfect "ending" for this challenge.

Thanks again to each of you who have been following me through this painting frenzy, for all your encouraging comments, and especially to all on my "followers" list who have had their mailboxes filled each day with these posts. I promise to give you a break!  


  1. Commitment, dedication, creativity and great work. A job well done. Bravissimo!!!!!

  2. This really made me chuckle, Ann - a very cute way to 'end' the challenge. Your work is GORGEOUS, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to see it every day for the past thirty days. I will be following your blog to see what is coming next.

  3. This made me cackle aloud, Ann. Perfect ending to a wonderful series from you. I have to say that as beautiful as each and every piece was, that kitty just knocks my socks off each time I see it in the daily paintworks gallery on the sidebar.

  4. No breaks for you! Keep going! Turn those
    Horses around.....congratulations ann