Saturday, June 30, 2012


8 x 10
oil on stretched canvas
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On our recent trip to Tennessee, we had the most fun with this yellow cat. It kept appearing on our porch, even though we made numerous attempts to return it to it's home across the complex. It would follow us on long walks just like a puppy, and thinking we had finally convinced it to go home, there it was when we returned, back on the porch taking a nap!


  1. That is cute! Cute! Cute! -- and such a beautiful painting!

  2. Ann, this is just exquisite! I so love your "indoor" pieces. There is always so much heart in them! And oh to live a cat's life!

  3. I love this painting and the story. Cats are so unpredictable. I love that this one sounded more like a dog. Painted beautifully!!

  4. Que beleza de pintura.Parabens e um grande abraço.