Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Highland Park Presbyterian Church"

8 x 10
oil on hardboard en plein air

Joined the very talented plein air group, Tutti I Lunedi, on Monday to paint this well know Dallas church. I am amazed at all the Dallas landmarks they have captured in their outings.  


  1. ann, sent one comment but is not allowing me to
    see if this goes thru
    i said you are an inspiration and asset to tutti i lunedi and hope you paint with us anytime.
    your painting was lovely and so was the ant I saw on the flower....:)

  2. Look at you go Miss Plein Air! Love the cools in the shadows of the building. Nice, mottled light. Gorgeous church and painting.

  3. I am loving your plein aire pieces, Ann. I have loved your work for years now.