Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Texas Bluebonnets"

9 x 12
oil on canvas

In spite of our state's record setting heat wave and no rain last summer, we are being rewarded this spring with an incredibly beautiful crop of bluebonnets and other spring wildflowers. Will attach a couple of photos I took a little over a week ago along the 'bluebonnet trail' in Ennis, Texas, where the Outdoor Painters Society will have their April paint out in a couple of weeks. 


  1. I have not seen a one; thanks for sharing, your painting and photos look great. We missed you at White Rock Lake Saturday, finally did something I can call a painting.

  2. Cela est très impressionnant de voir des prés éclatants de fleurs bleues... MAGNIFIQUE !
    Mais MAGNIFIQUE également cet arbre que vous avez peint. J'aime beaucoup votre touche et l'ensemble de vos nuances de verts.
    Le tapis de fleurs bleues à ses pieds apporte une belle note de fraîcheur.

  3. Not sure what blue bonnets are. Lupins maybe?

  4. Gorgeous painting, Ann. In fact, I think it is even prettier than the photos! Hope you didn't have the worries and fallout from the tornadoes.

  5. Beautiful plein air work Ann!