Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Blue and White Collectibles"

oil on gessoed moleskin paper

The first of March begins a new project for a number of Texas artists. The Texas Moleskin Round Up is officially under way! A group of us have purchased our personal moleskin book and started this project with painting in our journal, and now it's time to send it off to the next artist to enter her preferred work. At the end of this "round robin" we should each have our own book back with artwork from everyone else in the group. Am sure it will be a fun project and a real treasure to have at the end of the book's journey. Check our new website occasionally to see how we are progressing, and thanks for following along!


  1. Oh to be a Texas artist! This is a beautiful start to your own Moleskin, Ann. I am blown away by oil pieces in a Moleskin. Stunning. Can't wait to see what you post!

  2. What a great start for a moleskin project Ann! I'm off to check out the site!

  3. Stunning painting! (I may be losing my mind but I was so sure I commented on this a couple of weeks ago . . . ) I love the orange/blue color palette and love, love, love the way you painted the tangerines.