Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Copper Tray"

11 x 14 (canvas size)
oil on stretched canvas

Decided to post this most recent painting in the frame. We've been out of town and it was great to get back home to paint. While we were gone I ran across this copper tray at an estate sale. I could just picture it in a still life setting, so couldn't resist bringing it home.


  1. Gorgeous Ann! It has a very traditional feel, wonderfully handled and the blue vase sets it all off!

  2. The tray is a beautiful find, and works perfectly to hold the elements of your still life. This is painted so nicely!!!

  3. A gorgeous painting and superb still life, Ann. Your work is always so beautiful. I think I'd have had to bring that copper tray home too! One day I'm just going to have to do a still life myself!

  4. Very nice Ann. And....congrats on winning the ACA srt competition for still life. I received my newsletter and was happy to see your painting and photo in there. Good going!