Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Bless This Food"

11 x 13
oil on gessoed hardboard

This is a framed donation to a fundraiser at our church. The choir, well know for their incredible talent, puts on a Valentine's dinner and musical review each year to help fund their trip to England. This year they have added auction items to their program, let's hope this helps!


  1. Hoping your painting sells fast and for a goodly sum, Ann. I think it is fabulous and how perfect that the saints are in residence for this one! Good luck!

  2. Hi Ann! I saw you on Sherry's AutumnLeaves blog and had to come and visit. Love your work, your color, your portraits - beautiful! Maybe we will bump into one another at a Dallas art event sometime!

  3. Beautiful, Ann! This should bring in a good donation for the choir. It's lovely.

  4. Well, among other things, I happen to really like your reflections you painted on the table, awesome! I just posted on my blog and mentioned our plans for a little plein air painting soon, please think about joining us, would love to see you!

  5. Ann,
    Lovely painting and going to a good cause. Beautiful job on the vase.

  6. great job, Ann! This will bring in a good donation for the choir. Beautiful!