Monday, July 6, 2009

"Cool in the Shade"

9 x 12
oil on masonite

My granddaughter and I went out for a walk and she ran home the last block, and when I caught up with her, she was "resting in the shade". When I saw her sitting there I couldn't help but think how fast they grow up.

Here is a painting of her that I did about eight years ago right after she learned to ride a tricycle.

Reminds me of an older friend who use to tell her daughter to "stop it", and when the daughter asked, "What did I do?", the mother told her to stop growing up so fast...I think it's time to tell my granddaughter to "stop it"!


  1. These two paintings just gave my heart a little squeeze - I have three beautiful grandchildren, and although it seems like they were only born yesterday my oldest will be seven years old in only a couple of months...
    What precious memories you have so beautifully saved!

  2. Thanks, Claire, I appreciate your nice comments!

  3. I like both of these - blink and they are grown- the shadows are especially nice on the first one.

  4. What a great gift this is to your granddaughter! She will always know that her grandma cherished her enough to paint these beautiful paintings! Very, very nice Ann.

  5. Great painting!
    They do grow fast.
    I doubt she will listen to your "stop it".

  6. They certainly do grow up so fast. I thought my daughters grew up so fast and now my grand kids are all leaving their nests. Where did the time go?
    You did a really great job on these Ann.

  7. Nice figurative work. I also like the dappled sunlight on the walk.
    Thanks also for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments, and you are right, we do have great winters!

  8. What a great artist's eye you have for these fleeting moments! Children are my favorite subjects...and do you do them well!! Love the shadows!

  9. Both paitings are lovly, Ann! What are sweet moments! I love the way you paint the shadows and the skin tone.