Friday, May 8, 2009

"Lake Gilmer"

9 x 12
oil on masonite

Thought I was going to be gone for about two weeks taking care of grandchildren whose schools were closed because of the flu, but after packing and then driving about 30 miles out of Dallas, we got a call from our son saying the schools were to be opened the
next day. So...with a u-turn, we were on our way back home! Will miss spending some time with them, but home and a place to paint is a good place to be! The above painting is a smaller version (also slightly different color) of the larger 30 x 40 that is in the works.  The name comes from a lake on the farm, a weekend getaway, that our son owned in Gilmer, Texas...a beautiful piece of property in East Texas. Here is the picture that was the inspiration. I'm still working on a looser style. Why do so many of you, my new found blog friends, make it look so easy? It's not!


  1. Wow--really pretty setting. Beautiful painting. I really like the looseness of the paint in this one. This flu situation is wacky. But glad you got home again to paint!

  2. This has such a nice feel to it... its loose and casual but maintains good form and reflections.
    When i go for loose I pick up a brush, then put it back and get the next larger size ;-)

  3. This is a beautiful landscape, love the brushwork!

  4. I would absolutely agree that looser is not easy but you sure made it look so...beautiful!

  5. Hi Ann- Im pretty late to the party, but this landscape IS wonderful. I LOVE the brushwork and color palette. Looking forward to seeing the larger version! ~T