Saturday, August 31, 2013


I know this seems a little "crafty" for an oil painting blog, but wanted to show you what I have been asked to paint for a donation to a fund raiser. The event is called A Feathered Affair and benefits TRAC, Trinity River Audubon Center, here in Dallas. The birdhouses, about 25 that will be stuffed with gift certificates, will be auctioned off during a reception in October.
When a friend saw a photo of what I had painted, she said in horror, "You put a cat on a birdhouse!!!" I know....what was I thinking???

Here are a couple of more views showing the painting on all four sides.


  1. love it, and what a great idea for a fundraiser!

  2. Oh boy, Ann! If could bid on this, I sure would. I think it is beautiful and I love the humor of the cat below watching for the birds to go in and out.