Friday, October 26, 2012

Cochran Home, 1895

11 x14
oil on canvas board

The oldest deeded church in Dallas County is the Cochran Chapel Methodist Church and on the church property still stands the original Cochran home that was built in 1895. Our Monday plein air group that paints historical sites in Dallas chose this site this past week. Lots of history on this small corner lot that also includes the family cemetery. 
By the way, thanks to my friend Carol who reminded me that I'm not posting very often these days. Still painting a lot, just dragging my heels on current post...will try to do better. Thanks to all who keep up with my work on this blog!  

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  1. Wow, Ann! This old home is gorgeous and it looks as though somebody (the church?) is keeping it up beautifully. Your painting is just stellar! I truly do love your work and always enjoy when you post. How is Angela doing, do you know?