Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Teepee Village"

9 x 12
oil on canvas board, en plein air

Right next to the condos where we were staying in Estes Park, CO is this campground with teepees. Yes, there actually were people staying in them! Loved seeing these Indian tents set amongst the pine trees with the Rockies in the background. If you are a regular visitor to Estes Park, I'm sure you have seen these tepees near one of the entrances to the national park.


  1. These teepees are wonderfully painted Ann. I love how you handled the light on the one in front.

  2. I love the composition in this. You made teepees look beautiful. A feat. This piece makes me want to go visit. Not sleep in a teepee though. The mountains are gorgeous in the background and beautiful job on the pines.

  3. Oh this is beautiful, Ann! I love the historical aspects of this composition and it makes me think back to when this was a natural sight.

  4. ann!! every painting you post inspires me...
    the composition of the tipis is wonderful.
    of course you are lucky to have demille photographing your art. :)