Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Hill Country Tractor"

8 x 10
oil on stretched canvas

What is it about tractors that we find so intriguing? Maybe they wouldn't be so appealing if we actually had to use one for work! Saw this one last year on an OPS painting trip in Fredericksburg, Texas.


  1. Tractors do have an interesting shape about them Ann. Love your color palette here!

  2. Since you've asked there are two reasons why I find the tractors appealing. Well...three. One is that I love old vehicles of any kind and love seeing them in paintings. Two is because I've always wished I'd grown up on a farm and of course, pieces such as this bring up those memories and show one aspect of farm living. And three is because I remember my mom's dad had a farm many years ago and when we went to visit, I got to ride in the combine with him for a short bit. Your work is always just so beautiful, Ann.

  3. Trying to decide what type of tractor this is. I do have many memories of my grandfathers's john deere tractor. Can still remember the way it smelled. Like hard work! And... getting to ride on it with him sometimes.
    Beautiful painting Ann. Love the red barn accenting the red of the tractor.

  4. This looks just like Jack's first tractor. It had so much character but unfortunately, it only ran occasionally. Actually, this one looks a lot better!! I love the colors.