Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Patty Cake"

8 x 8
oil on hardboard

I was out shopping yesterday and saw this adorable child with her grandmother, who I quickly asked if she minded if I take a photograph. Gave her one of my cards so she wouldn't think I was a stalker! But I was instantly taken in by this happy little girl, and with so much hair at such a young age. She immediately started playing "patty cake" when I took my camera out. Had never painted dark skin tones, so refered to Color Mixing Recipes by William F. Powell for a good formula. A great reference book if you haven't read it.


  1. Great job Miss Ann, what a cutie and looks like so fun to paint.

  2. Ann,

    extremely beautiful painting...
    good technique also. you have rightly captured the happiness on her face...


  3. She's a doll, Ann! Great job on the skin tones but particularly on creating the texture of her hair, not an easy task!

  4. She is a doll, I can see how you were drawn to paint this sweetie. Beautiful painting!