Sunday, January 3, 2010

Self Portrait

9 x 12
oil on hardboard

Since Karin Jurick's recent portrait challenge, many of the artists were doing self portraits. I realized that I had never done one myself, so why not start this year out with that challenge. One thing for sure, it's given me a whole new respect for portrait painters. This was painted from the entry photo I sent to Karin.


  1. Oh, you brave soul, was a self-portrait not the hardest thing to paint? You have to control that painting hand of yours to not perfect what's already perfect! Oh, the ache and hurt I had in my painting hand and wrist, wanting to soften, tighten, lighten and darken what I dislike!

    This is a wonderful likeness and I'm proud of you for joining in and tackling yourself. The monochromatic palette you used throughout your painting is great. Also, beautiful handling of your hair, and I especially like the way you framed your face with that great cast shadow. I've been thinking, this self-portrait thing should be an annual event. Well done!!

  2. I think you look beautiful, Ann. Your hair is simply fabulous as well!

  3. this piece really came out nice. Clear and clean looking.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful model - beautiful portrait! Love the palette and agree with Angela that it must have been difficult to keep it loose and glowing! Super job you brave girl!

  5. You did a great job. Self portraits are the toughest. I like the warm palette--it fits with your warm nature!
    Happy New Year!