Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Fall Harvest"

8 x 10
oil on gessoed hardboard

On a recent trip to Santa Fe we stopped by the Farmer's Market at the newly renovated area near the railroad station. Fabulous produce on display and the best "people watching" in town! These baskets of apples in and out of the shadows and sunlight were meant to be painted!


  1. Ochre and red, with just a bit of bluish grey... This is a beautifull color combination and it works so well in this painting !

  2. What a gorgeous painting, Ann! I haven't seen bushel baskets like those in ages. The whole work just has such a wonderful feeling that evokes awesome thoughts.

  3. And paint them you did, you handled the foreground and background beautifully!

  4. And you did it so well...wonderful, wonderful!

  5. Love your Fall Harvests. The apples look so luscious and yummy, great job *clap* I'll "follow" you now :-)