Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Veggie Stew"

9 x 12
oil on masonite

This painting is from a reference photo on Susan Carlin's blog. Susan is a San Antonio artist and offers lots of wonderful painting advice, including on-line painting sessions. For the next couple of weeks you can follow her travels to Ireland where she will attend a painting workshop. I looked at where she is staying...I want to go!!!

If you are interested in this painting challenge, you can access the photo on Susan's blog where she will post other artist's interpretation. I found the cabbage a very hard color to mix and ended up digging into some old tubes of paint and came across a Cobalt Violet Light which helped. Through lots of trial and error and numerous "wipe offs", I finally settled on the above color, but because of that, I'll never look at a red cabbage the same way again!

Unfortunately caught a glare on the is really hard to capture without it.


  1. Ann, Thanks for the info on Susan Carlin. I will check her out. You did a great job on the veggies. I have been trying to do the Different Strokes veggies and am struggling with the color. Your cabbage came out great. The paint is so buttery and rich looking.

  2. Ann I really like the way this has turned out. When I saw it on Susan's blog the other day I thought I might try it.

  3. Very nice job on this. I think you nailed the color of the red cabbage.

  4. Great work, Ann! Susan's blog is great. You did a terrific job with these veggies, too!