Friday, November 14, 2014


12 x 12
oil with acrylic border

We are still so astonished by the hospitality of the entire town of San Angelo during the recent EnPleinAirTexas show, especially the gracious hosts that housed us for the week. I wish I could share with you their spectacular house, decorated entirely with Mexican folk art. As a thank you I have painted this portrait of Frida Kahlo. If you are not familiar with her, please google and find out about her life...she's a real legend in the Mexican culture. Believe me, this will not be the only Frida in our host's home! I'm sure I saw dozens there!
The portrait is painted in oil with the frame-border serape design in acrylic. 
Thank you Lori and Pat for your hospitality! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"San Angelo Collage"

Here is a "taste" of the paintings I had in the San Angelo En Plein Air Competition Show. Wow, what a week we had here in West Texas. This was the inaugural event and because of the outstanding promotions, organization, sales and acceptance from the community, I feel sure this will be an annual event.  Feel very fortunate to have been in the show with so many talented artists from around the country, even France. Next goal...getting accepted in the judging next year!

The first day as I was painting the above train, I was approached by a local news agency, interviewed, and was featured on the evening TV news. How cool is that!

All the artists were wined, dined and introduced to the entire area by way of planned paint out locations, including the downtown area which includes the Concho River and Fort Concho, beautiful residential area with homes dated from the early 1900's at the time of the Santa Rita oil discovery, a beautiful winery in the small community of Christoval, and two days of painting on area ranches (truly West Texas country). Think rocky terrain, live oak and mesquite trees, cattle, goats, cactus, oil and gas wells, lots of areas only approachable with a four-wheeler.

All in all, a fantastic week of painting, meeting all the West Texas charming people of San Angelo, and mixing with fabulous artists from around the country.
I'm sure I'll be posting lots more about this first time event!